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Chris Schertler

Chris Schertler, certified ATA-translator for English into German (American Translators Association), began his career as a translator in 1998 in Sydney, Australia, where he completed his Bachelor's degree in History and Politics at the time.

Born and raised in Germany, Chris grew up bilingually and has spent more than two decades of his adult life in Australia and the USA. He speaks both German and English at a native level and has over 20 years of experience as a translator.

Chris translates both from German into English and from English into German. He works on projects in a wide variety of fields, including legal, medical, technical, and business.

Chris moved to the United States in 2004 and today lives in Austin, TX.

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Melba Schertler

Melba is an Australian, fully bilingual and bicultural between English and German, after living in Germany for 40+ years. After a successful career in international communications, language instruction, and executive language coaching for Fortune 500 companies, she now provides high-quality German to English translation and editing services for companies in a wide variety of sectors.

Her translation specializations include IT, technology, scientific and business communications, and marketing/advertising documents, with a focus on excellent writing that informs and engages English speakers.

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